The Tizi N’Test Pass, Morocco


At 2,100m above sea level, the Tizi n’Test is not the highest crossing of the Atlas, but it is the most fun. Technical, twisty, narrow and nadgery, it is a great ride.

There is no correct way to ride the Tizi n’Test, north to south or vice versa, both are as a good as the other. From Talat to where it hits the main road to Taroudant is 45 miles of tarmac, though at parts referring to the surface as tarmac might be stretching things a bit.

Often, broken surfaces savaged by winter, where the pass gets covered in snow and ice, means gravel and potholes cover the road. Combine this with short retaining walls and big drops and this route is not for the faint-hearted. 

Talat is the last fuel stop until the N10 into Taroudant. In fact it is the last of pretty much anything except a few little shops in villages and two cafes at the peak of the pass. One at the very top and one just over the crest, the Belle Vue with, well, a Belle Vue.

The north side of the pass is more sweepy and open with some great-surfaced sections and good visibility. The southern side is tighter and more technical at altitude until this dissolves into long sweepers before it hits the valley floor.

If you are looking for a gravel diversion, at the very peak behind the Tizi n’Test sign is a trail that runs up another 500m to a radio tower. It is a dead-end, but the views are stunning. 

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