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When you write for Adventure Bike Rider you’ll be speaking to the largest adventure motorcycle community in the world.

During an average week our combined on-line reach (web and social) is approximately 1 million and on a good week it can be double that. You can be sure of one thing, your thoughts, ideas, insight or expertise will be seen and heard.

Our audience is worldwide, most notably in the UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but we welcome submissions from all countries.

We’re always on the look out for talented writers, photographers, videographers, guest posters, industry insiders and enthusiastic motorcyclists to contribute to ABR magazine and website.

There’s a contact form at the bottom of this page, please use it to submit your idea. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alun Davies

Publisher and Founder of Adventure Bike Rider


What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for great travel stories and route ideas, insightful product and bike reviews and articles sharing specialist knowledge and advice. We’d also welcome well thought out motorcycle and travel opinion features and any other story ideas that will inform, inspire and delight our engaged audience.

All submissions need to be unique and not posted on any other blog, website or in print. They need to be a minimum of 500 words, accompanied by captioned images and a 100 word bio telling us and the reader who you are. Whilst features can be up to 1500 words in length it’s very rare that we’d publish anything longer.

Our only advice is to write in your own voice rather than adopting clichés you’d never use in real life – if you can’t imagine yourself saying it, then don’t write it. Tell the reader a story, the same as you would to your mates.

We are more than happy to consider unique, informative and educational features from authors within the motorcycle, travel and outdoor industries where there is some promoting of products, services and events however we will not consider overt advertorials or re-jigged press releases.

We’re also more than happy to feature contributions from guest writers who have their own motorcycle or travel blog in which case we will provide full credits and links.

All features will be followed by a bio box which can include a link to the author/company website.

Product Reviews

If you’ve bought a product that’s bike, travel or outdoor related (i.e. tent or sleeping bag) and you’d like to share your knowledge and insight with fellow adventure riders then write up a review and send it in.

Please remember to include all the basic details such as brand, product, price paid, website links for more info and when and where purchased.

A product review needs to be balanced in the treatment of pro’s and con’s and opinions need to relate to it’s fitness for purpose. What we mean here is if you bought a £10 pop up tent from the local supermarket that collapsed in a heavy storm then you can’t really complain. However, if that tent was promoted as a four-season model in a specialist outdoor shop and you paid £500 then you’ve every right to feel short changed.

Bike Reviews

You’ve bought and paid for your pride and joy and who better to share the riding experience with the ABR community. Help out other adventure riders with your hard won thoughts and experiences.

Project Bikes

If you’ve had your head in the customising shed over the past few years/months then we’d love to see the results.

Travel Stories

RTW epics or day rides close to home, if you’d like to share your experience with the ABR community then write it up and send it in.


We’re keen to hear off authors with specific knowledge, expertise and talents in everything from motorcycle riding techniques to desert survival.

News Stories

If you’ve come across something new and interesting in adventure motorcycling then we and our audience would love to hear about it.

Opinion Pieces

We’re always on the look out for writers who’d like to share their opinions, ideas and thoughts with the ABR community. With our reach and audience engagement this is your opportunity to influence and become a thought leader.


If you’ve a great adventure or motorcycle related video that you’d like to share with the ABR community then let us know about it. Some of our social media videos have generated over 1 million plus views.


We’re always on the look out for great images. At home, overseas, in the dirt or on the tarmac if it’s a great motorcycle image then we’d like to feature it. Our social media reach on a single image has climbed over 100,000 and is rarely below 10,000.

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