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If you’re looking to reach the largest adventure bike rider community in the world then you’ve come to the right place.

ABR magazine has been published since 2010 and is the leading UK motorcycle magazine with a focus on adventure bikes.

The combined weekly reach of ABR magazine, this website and our social media can top out at over 2 million and is rarely below 500,000

Combine our print, digital and social media reach and you can gain access to the largest UK (and worldwide) audience who are passionate about motorcycles and travel both at home and overseas.

Magazine45,000 readers per issue

Website100,000 unique hits each month.

Social Media – over 1,000,000 reach per week

UK Marketing

ABR is based in the UK and has the largest engaged audience and community in the adventure, touring and trail riding sectors of the motorcycle industry.

International Marketing

ABR is based in the UK but our international reach and engagement on social media and the web offers access to the largest adventure bike audience and community in the world including the USA, South Africa and Australia. There simply is no other media outlet with such a powerful and influential global reach as Adventure Bike Rider.

Advertising – Content Marketing – Social Media

There’s no doubt that advertising in a premium quality niche magazine to a highly engaged audience offers value for money. There’s also no doubt that investing in a targeted content marketing campaign in partnership with an influential and trusted digital media brand can result in a reach and engagement which was previously not thought possible. We can help you achieve outstanding results with both traditional advertising and digital marketing.


If you’d like to advertise your products or services in Adventure Bike Rider magazine, on this website or discuss a digital and content marketing plan that includes social media please contact the team on 01789 450 000 or email [email protected]