ABR Bundle: Instant Access to the ABR Digital Library + Print Magazine Subscription

39.54 / year

The ABR Bundle subscription represents the best value for money subscription for UK-based readers. For just £34.99 you’ll receive six issues of Adventure Bike Rider magazine while having annual access to the complete ABR Online Library. This is the best of both worlds, giving you the sweet, tactile feel of a physical magazine with the portability and practicality of a digital membership. Your digital library access will start immediately, and your first printed magazine will start with the next available issue of Adventure Bike Rider, November/December 2023.

Postage costs:

UK – Free


The best value deal by a mile and the most popular option with new readers. With an ABR Bundle Deal, you get:

* A subscription to the print version of ABR magazine

* Instant access to the ABR Digital Library, which contains every issue we’ve ever published. Right now, that’s 76 issues and counting.

 * A substantial cost saving  (70+ print copies would cost over £500)

The ABR Bundle is the best of both worlds where you get the tactile experience of handling and reading a traditional paper magazine plus the instant access and cost-saving benefits of digital copies which you can view on-line or download onto any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

If this is the first time you’ve come across Adventure Bike Rider magazine, our readers tell us it’s the most inspirational, respected and popular motorcycle magazine in the world for riders of adventure, trail and touring bikes. Just check out our passionate followers on the Adventure Bike Rider Facebook page for confirmation of that – there are currently over 200,000 fellow enthusiasts following ABR on social media.

With very few physical back issues available, your Digital Library membership allows immediate access to all back issues, including the elusive Issue 1, which we’ve seen changing hands on eBay for over £50. Plus you can print out pages such as road rides and green lane routes without destroying your paper magazine.

Once you’ve joined up your printed magazines will be mailed to you when published, starting with the next available issue. To access the ABR Digital Library all you need do is log in to this website and you can browse through every back issue we’ve published. It’s as simple as that.

Whilst you can view and download all issues on a smartphone, the small screen size has its limitations. Tablets, laptop and desktop offer the best reader experience.

When viewing a digital copy of ABR you can:

  • * Zoom in and out for easier reading
  • * Select full screen viewing
  • * Bookmark pages for reference
  • * Search for specific words or features
  • * All issues are downloadable which means you can view or read online or offline

Just so you know, you can cancel anytime you want but we’re confident you’ll be delighted with this great value deal.

Due to the cost of postage this offer is only available to UK readers. Big apologies to overseas followers we sincerely wish there was an answer to the high cost of postage. The best value for overseas readers is a stand alone membership to the Digital Library

Many thanks for visiting ABR and safe riding.

Best Regards

Alun Davies
Founder and publisher of Adventure Bike Rider Magazine

PS: We’re not a faceless company that hides behind technology and we will not make you jump through hoops before speaking to us. If you have any queries, call the ABR office on 00 44 (0)1789 450000 (9am – 5.30pm UK time) to speak to a friendly and helpful member of staff or email [email protected] and I (or one of the staff) will get back to you ASAP.

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