ABR FESTIVAL 2022: It’s a Bike festival, but not as you know it…


With three days of action, live entertainment, great food, and good times, there’s so much more to the ABR Festival than riding bikes (although there’s plenty of that too). Bryn Davies explains what you can look forward to out of the saddle

It wasn’t so long ago that the Adventure Bike Rider Festival was a small gathering of like-minded friends in a farmer’s field near Stratford upon Avon. In fact, I can even recall the year when we cooked everyone a burger and bacon roll on our BBQ when the sole catering van owner decided he had something better to do. The good old days, eh?

Over the years, the ABR Festival has grown a lot. The field we shared with sheep has been substituted for the manicured lawns of the magnificent Ragley Hall Estate, and our BBQ flames have been extinguished and replaced by over 50 different catering units. But no matter how big the event gets, one thing remains, and that’s the feeling of it being a gathering of like-minded friends who love bikes.


To ensure that, the ABR Festival will always be inclusive. Our mantra is: it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a novice, and it doesn’t matter if your travel experience consists of a few UK-based tours or an epic ride to the Mongolian Steppe. You are welcome at the ABR Festival and there’s only one requirement, that you have a good time.

Our mission is to ensure that you leave the ABR Festival with a smile plastered on your face and a Rolodex of good memories to flick through. To do that, we’re building the festival upon three founding principles: 1. A grade-A location. 2. First-class personal facilities. 3. An event where you don’t get charged the earth for the basics.

With these three pillars, you can be certain that the ABR Festival is held in a special location (Ragley Hall), the toilets are clean and regularly attended, the showers are hot, and you will always be able to get a reasonably-priced pint. For 2022, we’ll be staying at £3 per pint.


On top of that, we’re regularly adding attractions to give you more to do and experience. That’s why we’ve pulled together a jam-packed weekend schedule which will deliver, whatever you’re looking to take away from the weekend. From masterclass sessions where you can learn valuable motorcycling skills, to practical demonstrations and inspiring speakers, you’ll have it all. The best part? All of these are included in the ticket price.

And if you want to just come and have a great time with your mates while relaxing and listening to live music, then you’re going to love the REV’IT! stage. Throughout the weekend, it will host some of the UK’s best tribute bands.

The line-up already includes; The Stones (The Rolling Stones), Definitely Might be (Oasis), Let There B/DC (AC/DC), Coda (Led Zeppelin), Who Are You (The Who), Quo’d (Status Quo), and Fleetwood Mad (Fleetwood Mac). And when the sun starts to set, the party bands come out with music from the Texan Peacocks and the incredible Detroit Soul Collective.


If rocking out isn’t your thing, then you’ll want to check out the acoustic stage or the Magic Teapot tent, where you’ll enjoy a good old-fashioned knee up around a piano and fireplace.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to the ABR Festival on the weekend of 24-26 June 2022. And now is the perfect time to get your weekend ticket as some are still available for a discounted price of £119, saving you £10. Get yours now at www.abrfestival.com, where you’ll also be able to find all the latest information and news about the

See you there.

Bryn Davies, ABR Managing Editor