Reasons to Ride: Inspiring photos from the road


Big pics, big inspiration. In this issue: stunning shots from Glen Coe and Iceland

GLEN COE, SCOTLAND (Feature image above)

scotland-mapThe clocks have gone back and the weather’s turning colder. For many riders, this signals the end of biking season but it doesn’t have to. Summer riding is great, sure, but there’s something very special about heading off on two wheels in the depths of winter.

This photo shows the glorious A82 in Scotland as it enters the magnificent valley of Glen Coe on the cusp of the West Highlands. The hulking, snow-capped Buachaille Etive Mòr rises ahead, guarding the entrance to one of the UK’s most scenic motorcycle rides.

In summer, this route is excellent, but in winter it’s almost unbeatable when it comes to its atmospheric nature and dramatic sights (providing, of course, that conditions are right). And the best part? There’s less traffic on the roads so you’ll feel like you’ve got the place almost entirely to yourself.

Glen Coe is just one example amongst many rides that are transformed into something special when winter arrives. So, dig out your insulated jacket, plug in your heated gloves, and discover your own incredible rides this winter.



Iceland is a wonder of volcanoes and glaciers, geysers and ice caps, 24-hour daylight and adventurous trails that strike off into the horizon. Whether you’re into touring on tarmac or exploring dirt roads, this island in the northern Atlantic is made for you. Lying on the latitude of 65 degrees north, nudging the Arctic Circle, the difficulty you’ll have with just getting your bike there will be worth it.

Iceland-mapCircling the entire country is one of the best motorcycling routes around, Route 1. Here, narrow passes, single-lane bridges, sweeping bends, and wide-open views promise a thrilling ride.

On the interior, you’ll find what’s called the Highlands: barren, uninhabitable volcanic desert at about 500m above the coastal plains.

It’s not beautiful in the traditional sense, more starkly desolate, but it’s so different to anything you’ll ever see and it simply has to be explored. And the roads? Unpaved and exciting.