Winter wish list items for you and your motorcycle

Winter Kit


Not long now till the Big Guy with the red suit and white beard pays us all a visit with goodies that we will either love and use to death or banish to the nether regions of our garage or sock drawer, never to see the light of day again.

Here are some useful accessories that you could suggest to your nearest and dearest that both you and your adventure bike will use and, more importantly, need throughout the forthcoming cold season.

Winter KitEDZ Merino Glove Liners SRP £10

In a Line: The best layering inside your gloves for warmer pinkies!

Winter KitACF 50 SRP £14.99 for 13 oz can

In a line: Keeps the bike clear of salt and corrosion.

Hood Buff SRP £35

In a Line: A wind-stopper hood that’s part of your neck tube


Winter KitNikwax Visor Proof SRP £5.25 for 125ml

In a Line: A clear view in the heaviest of downpours

Winter Kit

Oxford Adventure Hot Grips SRP £79.99

In a Line: Toasty warm hands at the flick of a switch

Winter Kit

Scottoiler SRP from £89.95

In a Line: Oils your chain automatically, prolonging its life

Winter Kit

Halvarssons Comfort Jacket SRP £99.99 

In a Line: A great mid-layer that will keep out the winter chill and look good down the pub!

Winter Kit

Spada Performance Skins SRP £8.95 Neck warmer; £9.95 Balaclava

In a Line: Block out the wind chill