Top of the World Highway

Top of the world

Over one hundred years after the Klondike Gold Rush, Top of the World is still at the wild frontier…

The Top of the World Highway connects Tok, Alaska, to Dawson City in the Yukon. It is the most northerly border crossing between the USA and Canada, stretching 170 miles from the Taylor Highway Junction on the Alcan to Dawson City. Now the words ‘highway’ and ‘city’ may be giving the wrong impression.

The Top of the World ‘Highway’ is never more than two lanes and is unpaved for 50+ miles of its length. Dawson City has a population that is outnumbered by the athletics competitors at an Olympic Games. Don’t get overawed by the titles. Save it for the scale of the views and the ride.

This is a vast area. Leave the Alcan and the road to Chicken is paved. Ask the locals why the town is called Chicken – it’s funny! This 65-mile stretch has nothing. Oh, sorry there is a layby with a bin and, if you are lucky, bear and caribou. Chicken has the only fuel on the road, and from here the route turns to dirt and winds along the top of the mountain range for a truly breathtaking ride.

You cross the border at Poker Creek, but the deed used to be done at Boundary until GPS technology corrected the location. You can still see the old shacks of Boundary where a real old-timer lived and sold coffee. He has gone now, as has the settlement.

Into the vast Yukon and the great riding and incredible views continue. The road runs down to the ferry across the Yukon River (a five minute crossing each way which runs when anyone is there to need it), and into Dawson with its dirt streets, wooden sidewalks, saloon swing doors on the bars and big pick ups with even bigger dogs in them. This is still the frontier.

The road is impassable with snow in the winter and the border crossing closes from September to May, so you couldn’t get through, even if you wanted to. They are also only open 9-9 in the summer so plan ahead.

With great riding, varying terrain and big scenery, this highway will leave you feeling on Top of the World.

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