Have you ever ridden the Lysevegen Road in Norway?


With 27 hairpins and an ascent of nearly 1,000m up the wall of a fjord, this Norwegian road is one to ride

At the end of a 26-mile-deep fjord lies Lysebotn, a tiny village with a year-round population that would barely fill a football team. Surrounded on three sides by the steep walls of the fjord, the village is accessible by boat or, during the five months of the year that it’s not covered by a thick blanket of snow, the staggering Lysevegen road.

Like a ribbon dropped from the heavens, it’s a biker’s dream. The 18-mile road carves its way over the mountains above Lysebotn before plunging down to the floor of the fjord below in a succession of 27 tight and steep hairpins that demand a rider’s full attention to navigate.

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