Readers Exposed: Suzanne Bolton

Name: Suzanne Bolton | Age: 55 | Occupation: NHS Clinical Services IT Manager

First bike? 

Honda CB125 to learn on in 1983. e kickstart defeated me many times.

Current bike? 

Triumph Tiger 800 XRx and Triumph Street Triple 675 R.

Dream bike? 

Dream bike? The new BMW R 1250 GS. It looks perfect for touring. Maybe I need to take a test ride.

Most expensive motorcycle accessory you’ve ever bought? 

Does my Asgard metal motorcycle garage count? That cost me £1,500 to make sure that my two bikes are kept safe and secure. It’s absolutely priceless.

Mountain passes or desert pistes? 

One of my dreams is to travel through Morocco so desert pistes for me. I’m buying an off-road bike soon and getting some training ready for the more challenging and technical riding.

Tent or hotel? 

A tent for weekends and a hotel for longer travels, purely because I still struggle to pack light.

Lifelong ambition? 

To semi-retire in four years and spend three to six months riding each year across the USA, Europe and China, coming home to boost the funds and see my three children and two grandchildren. 

Most Dangerous Motorcycling moment? 

Being pillion with a former boyfriend who decided to ride like a lunatic on the wrong side of the road on a bend with a car coming the other way. We swerved at the last minute but needless to say I decided to bin the guy and take my bike test, which I passed first time. 

Most memorable motorcycling moment? 

Riding back to Santander to catch the ferry home from a 2,000-mile trip around Spain and Portugal in October 2018 and hitting rain, sleet, hail, wind, and then snow. I was following the tail end of Storm Leslie. It was horrendous weather but my Rukka suit kept me dry and warm.

What do you miss most when travelling? 

Having someone to share the memories with. Working on it.

If you could meet any person, dead or alive, and ask the one question, who would it be and why? 

Guy Martin. Tell me why do you put milk in your tea first?  

Favourite crap joke? 

What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur? Doyouthinkhesaurus.

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