The Mystras Road

The whole of the Peloponnese is a rider’s paradise, with mountains and coastline packed with a labyrinth of routes, but the Mystras Road from Sparta to Kalamata is a particular joy.

South West of Athens, across the Gulf of Corinth, lies the Peloponnese peninsula. Surrounded by the deep, blue Mediterranean and baked by almost year-round sunshine, the mountains rise from the sea and give birth to some incredible riding. Coastline and mountains collide and motorcycling is the victor. Head west from Sparta, stopping at the fortified town of Mystras, and then follow Route 82 for 35 sublime miles. The road is narrow with cliffs climbing or falling away on each side of you, as you pass through rock overhangs that defy belief. Ride it one way for fun and ride it back for photos. There is also little traffic which means you are free to enjoy the multitude of hairpins stacked one on top of another.

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