Author: Billy Johnson

The new Stratum GTX from REV’IT!: the future of adventure gear?

Wouldn’t it be great to have one set of motorcycle gear that can truly tackle every adventure, whether you’re blasting through a storm on a motorway or wrestling a bike through snotty sand in the desert heat? Well, that’s exactly what the folks over at REV’IT! think they’ve done with the new Stratum GTX.

So when we heard about REV’IT!’s new gear here at ABR, we couldn’t wait to take a look.

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After all, us adventure riders are a demanding lot when it comes to our choice of jacket and trousers, and with the Dominator and the Sand 4 already gracing REV’IT!’s lineup, we couldn’t help but wonder: what sets the Stratum apart?

In fact, REV’IT! has constructed something unlike anything else they’ve made before: a modular set of jacket and trousers that can adapt to any weather.

So, how does it work? Here’s what’s new with the Stratum GTX jacket and trousers.

What’s new with the Stratum GTX?

Profile shot of Stratum GTX
You essentially get three jackets for the price of one

Stratum is the name for separate, distinct layers of material, such as rock, that form an entire substance. And that’s exactly what REV’IT!’s new adventure suit does. It’s built around a two-in-one design that combines a distinct Gore-Tex waterproof shell with a mesh inner layer that also houses the suit’s armour.

You can wear the mesh inner jacket and trousers separately, or you can wear the Gore-Tex waterproof shell by itself off the bike. Or, they cleverly combine Transformer-style to function as a complete set of waterproof and protective adventure gear.

In effect, you get three different combinations of jacket and trousers that can be adapted to fit any weather and tackle any terrain.

But what’s the benefit?

Studio images of Stratum GTX base layer
The inner layer is largely a mesh construction and is extremely comfortable

What’s the advantage of a modular set-up compared with an all-in-one jacket or trousers? Well, if you’ve read ABR for any length of time, you’ll have seen us harp on about layering.

Layering is the practice of wearing multiple layers of clothes instead of relying on a single layer to fulfil all the tasks expected of adventure motorcycle gear. And the reason we layer is simply because it’s the most effective way to stay comfortable, dry, and protected in the saddle, no matter the weather or terrain.

Stratum GTX side profile
Combining the inner and outer layers gives you an all-weather adventure suit

As adventurers, we want our motorcycle gear to keep us dry when it’s raining, cool when it’s hot, protect us from slides on the road and falls on the trail, be comfortable enough to wear for days or weeks at a time, and be stylish enough to wear around town.

That’s a daunting wish list for gear designers to wrap their heads around, but that’s why the Stratum GTX exists. So, how exactly does it work in practice?

What’s the Stratum GTX like to wear?

Front shot of Stratum GTX base layer
The inner layer holds the armour and some abrasion resistance, so it’s perfect for trails

One of the advantages of the Stratum is that it’s lightweight, comfortable, and easily packable into panniers compared with similar gear. And although the jacket is CE AA certified, REV’IT! says that in practice, the combination of the Level B outer shell and the AA rated inner layer is equivalent to AAA rated gear, which is seriously impressive for such lightweight gear.

Removing the shell leaves you with a snug fitting inner layer of jacket and trousers which feel more like dedicated trail riding kit than typical adventure wear.

The ballistic and abrasion resistant mesh is extremely breathable and flexible, allowing plenty of air through to your body while still providing AA level protection, thanks to the Level 2 armour in the elbows and back.

Great for riding in the heat

Behind shot of Stratum GTX base layer
Ample ventilation and flexibility on the inner layer means it’s ideal for warm days

It gets hot riding in warm temperatures, and if you’ve ever ridden off-road, you’ll know how physically exerting it can be: there’s a reason jerseys exist for off-road racing.

Typical adventure gear tends to over-perform in mild temperatures and underperform when it gets hot, because zippered ventilation only takes you so far.

But the Stratum’s inner layer provides about as much breathability as you’ll find in any motorcycle gear, and it’s the perfect choice for summer or off-road riding.

What about when it starts to rain?

Stratum GTX with hood
The outer layer even comes with a hood that can be zipped off

But don’t forget, the Stratum doesn’t stop there. If the temperature drops or the rains come pouring down, you’ve got a state of the art Gore-Tex pro laminated membrane shell that quickly and easily zips to the inner layer, creating a perfect waterproof seal.

If it’s still hot, there’s ventilation that can be zipped open, and combined with the mesh inner layer, the ensemble remains breathable and flexible.

It’s worth noting that there’s little thermal insulation provided by the Stratum, and so an adequate mid and base layer is necessary for when it really does get cold.

Close up Stratum Gore Texst
The Stratum GTX uses premium components so you can trust that it will keep you dry

But as mentioned before, the best approach to wearing the right gear is by layering it. Even with jackets that do have a thermal liner, nine times out of 10, I’ll be riding with an additional mid layer, if not a base layer as well.

For someone who finds it much easier to warm up than to cool down, the Stratum is hitting all the right notes as truly adventure gear.

So, if you’re looking for truly versatile motorcycle gear, I suggest you head over to REV’IT!’s website here to find out more about the new Stratum GTX.