Author: Billy Johnson

First look: The Klim Latitude motorcycle touring suit

Just because you’re riding an adventure bike, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to wear adventure motorcycle gear.

If you’re one of many who prefer to slice up Alpine passes and explore foreign cities rather than tackle muddy ruts on a big bike, then full-blown adventure gear is often overkill.

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The truth is, touring in Europe and weekend jaunts to Scotland don’t require the multitude of pockets and off-road focused protection and ventilation that adventure gear offers.

Plus, if you spend a lot of time commuting and riding through winter, you want approachable gear that’s faff-free.

This is where touring gear excels. Without the need for off-road performance, you get apparel that’s specifically designed for long-distance comfort and wearability around town.

And while Klim often sets the benchmark for adventure gear (think the Badlands Pro textiles), its range of touring clothing also rumbles with the best.

So, when the American brand released the latest iteration of one of its most popular touring pieces, the Klim Latitude, I decided to take a look and find out what’s new.


All-day comfort is key to any piece of touring gear. After all, if you’re going to be spending all day in the saddle and exploring new cities on foot, you’ll soon regret a jacket which pinches around the collar or restricts your arms.

In the new Latitude, Klim has increased the adjustability of the jacket, so you can tweak it to find the perfect fit. Extra touches like the moisture-wicking antimicrobial inner mesh liner and the soft leather cuffs and collar trim make the jacket that much more liveable.

At the same time, Klim has employed the latest textiles to reduce the bulk of both the jacket and the trousers, making them lighter and more flexible.

Add in a new material layout and stretch panels for extra mobility, and you’ve got a touring suit that’s comfortable on motorways, mountain passes, and for sitting down for some well-earned tapas afterwards.

Climate control

While your touring gear might not need as much ventilation as something you’ll be riding off-road and working up a sweat in, it still needs to protect you from the worst of the weather.

That’s why the Klim Latitude suit uses a Gore-Tex Performance laminated shell, offering industry-leading waterproofing to keep you dry even in heavy deluges.

And when you are basking in the Mediterranean sun, the Latitude suit has vents across the arms, chest, thighs, and back to let cool air flow through the mesh inner liner as you ride.

If the weather does turn really nasty, the zipper storm flap keeps spray out, the jacket and trousers zip together to prevent water leaking in, and the Scotchlite reflective material enhances your visibility to other road users.

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Of course, this is motorcycle gear, so the Latitude needs to protect you as well as be comfortable. And according to the specs, Klim’s touring jacket and trousers don’t compromise on safety for comfort.

The abrasion resistant Cordura overlays on the shoulders and goat leather panels on the elbows protect you in the event of a slide, and the D30 level-1 armour found in the shoulders, back, and elbows give coverage from impact injuries.

The Latitude trousers meanwhile feature adjustable D30 hip and knee armour along with Cordura panels on the knees, seat, and lower cuffs to protect you from the tarmac.

Klim Latitude suit

Klim looks to have stepped up its touring game with the new generation of Latitude gear. With increased mobility and comfort along with the protection you expect, the Latitude seems set to be a good accompaniment for your next European tour.

We’ll find out when we test it over big miles in the coming months, but going by our past experiences with Klim’s gear, you can expect it to last for years of service.

And while you probably associate Klim with top-shelf prices, the Latitude jacket and trousers carry a lower price tag than the likes of the Badlands Pro which make them a great deal if you’re looking for premium, long-lasting, and comfortable touring gear.

To find out more about the Latitude suit, head over to the Klim website here.