Author: Billy Johnson

Vanucci, one of the biggest motorcycle gear brands you’ve never heard of

Vanucci is one of Europe’s most successful motorcycle clothing brands, but here in the UK, you might not have heard of it. Founded by German kit specialists Louis Moto, a staple of the European motorcycling scene for over 80 years, Vanucci is known across the Channel for developing products with the tantalising combination of German precision and Italian design.

So, seeing as though Vanucci recently celebrated its 30th year in the game with the release of a new set of adventure gear, we decided to take a closer look at it and see what’s made the brand so popular with the European adventure biking community.

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Introducing the Vanucci+ modular motorcycle clothing system

The idea behind the new Vanucci+ range is to giver bikers flexibility with their riding gear, and thus the most versatility.

Each piece is designed and built as an individual garment, so they can all be worn by themselves or combined to provide the right protection according to weather and road conditions.

This also means you only have to buy the layers you want. For example, you can purchase a waterproof layer to wear with your new jacket, but you can choose not to include a thermal layer if you don’t want one.

And since the layers function as individual jackets, you’ll have good-looking clothes to wear around town, saving previous space in your panniers on tour.

All-season flexibility

Let’s take a closer look at one of the adventure jackets in the the Vanucci+ range, called the VAJ-4. It’s a stylish and comfortable motorcycle jacket that’s ideal for summer touring, with its ample ventilation, mesh inner liner, waterproof outer pockets, and built-in protectors in the shoulders and elbows.

When the weather takes a turn and you’re facing a downpour, adding the VXR-1 laminated waterproof jacket underneath the textile outer allows it to function as a classic three-layer waterproof ensemble.

But unlike traditional three-layer jackets that have a removable waterproof liner, the Vanucci waterproof layer is designed to be worn as an individual jacket.

This means that when you’re on tour, you don’t need to take a separate jacket for when you’re off the bike. The same principle applies to the VXU-3 thermal jacket, which adds an extra layer of  insulation on cold days, as well as plenty of Italian style to make it look great worn around town.


This system is fantastic for adventure riders because you can choose which items to purchase and wear depending on the conditions you’ll face, making the Vanucci modular gear excellent value while still being able to stand up to all the challenges that adventure riders expect of their gear.

To find out more about Vanucci’s modular system and Louis Moto, head over to their website HERE to find out more.