Author: Billy Johnson

Staying warm on a motorbike starts with a base layer

The secret to staying warm on a motorcycle over the winter starts with a good base layer. Riding at motorway speeds on a 4C day could see you enduring a wind chill approaching -10C, so it’s essential to have a snug, insulating layer that keeps your core warm. Without one, you’ll waste precious body heat that could have otherwise been put to good use.

At these temperatures, a lightweight mid-layer or a thick jumper won’t be enough to retain the heat radiated from your body, and you’ll soon feel the effects of the cold.

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The problem is, if you find yourself with a subpar base layer, you’ll find you overheat, begin to sweat, and then get cold as the moisture cools down. So, you need something that will effectively keep you warm while remaining breathable and comfortable.

The ultimate base layer for motorcyclists


This is where Zerofit’s Heatrub Ultimate excels. It’s an innovative base layer which uses a technology called Heat Threads to provide insulation, which works by gently brushing against your skin to generate heat that is then retained by the fabric construction of the garment.

The other benefit to Zerofit’s fabric technology is that, unlike other styles of base layers, it doesn’t rely so much on a compressive fit to keep you warm. As a result, the fit is comfortable and you won’t feel restrained by an excessively tight-fitting base layer. And because it’s so effective at retaining heat, it reduces the need for you to wear extra clothing between your base layer and your riding jacket.

The Ultimate base layer has been designed to work best in a temperature range of -10C through to 10C which is the perfect range for a UK winter.

You can read our guide to layering for motorcyclists here.

Scientifically proven warmth

Let’s take a quick look at the science. The insulating properties of clothes can be measured by a value called a clo. 1 clo is equivalent to the amount of insulation that allows a person at rest to maintain thermal equilibrium in an environment at 21°C.

In other words, a typical outfit that includes trousers, a long-sleeve shirt, and a jacket will keep you comfortable at room temperature, and so that ensemble is equal to about 1 clo.

A T-shirt by itself may have a clo value of 0.08, whereas a thick jumper might be 0.36 clo. A typical base layer is between 0.1 and 0.2. Zerofit’s Heatrub Ultimate, however, clocks in at an impressive 0.78. That’s almost enough to keep you warm by itself!

Zerofit also has a base layer called the Heatrub Move which is designed for even more active circumstances. The Move features a clever two-layer construction which drys quickly and wicks sweat away from your body to keep you dry, so it’s perfect if you’re hitting the trails and working up a sweat.

If you’re tired of getting cold on your motorbike, head over to Zerofit’s website here and get yourself a base layer that will keep you insulated, dry, and warm in the saddle.