Author: Ollie Rooke

First look: Klim Adventure GTX Boots

American motorcycle gear manufacturer Klim has built a reputation for producing high-end, premium clothing for adventure bikers looking to strike out and explore the world on two-wheels.

After six months of wearing the brand’s excellent Kodiak touring suit, I can safely say Klim lives up to this reputation, which is why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on its new Adventure GTX boots.

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Klim Adventure GTX Boots

With the boots in hand, it’s immediately obvious there’s plenty to get keen adventure bikers drooling.

First impressions are good. The Adventure GTX has rugged and aggressive looks, and comes in both a stealthy black design or a brighter hi-vis colourway to add a little visibility when you’re in the saddle.

Weather protection and waterproofing come from one of the biggest names in the business, GORE-TEX, and extends high up the full-length boot. This means it’ll provide plenty of coverage for rainy rides, while also keeping your feet dry during water crossings and wading through boggy puddles.

Another big name appears at the bottom of the boots, with tyre giant Michelin sharing its expertise to help design the chunky, grippy rubber sole. The deep, multi-directional lugs are perfect for finding traction both on tarmac or when the going gets slick and muddy on green lanes this winter.

When it comes to keeping your feet protected, the polycarbonate lasting board running along the sole ensures there are no sideways or up-and-down movements under stress. There’s also a reinforced shin plate, toe-box, and ankle area, as well as impact foam on the ankle and top of the foot to soak up any big hits and protect your feet.

It’s reassuring to see this level of commitment to protection, especially since the bruises are only beginning to fade after an Africa Twin fell on my foot recently while I was wearing another pair of boots. I’m still wishing h the Adventure GTX boots had arrived in the post a few weeks earlier.

All-day comfort

Klim Adventure GTX boots

While Klim has packed the Adventure GTX boots full of protection, it has also made an effort to keep them comfortable to wear throughout the day. Flex zones at the Achilles and calf make it comfortable enough to walk around off the bike, and there’s also an antimicrobial gel insole to keep things relatively whiff-free. We’re not talking trainer levels of comfort here, but for an adventure boot, it’s very good.

Finally, a tight supportive fit is provided by a three closure systems. There’s a plastic ankle buckle, protected by a plastic deflector, a Velcro closure at the very top, and a Boa fit system, something skiers and snowboarders may be familiar with.

Of the three, I’m a particular fan of the Boa system, which you can see pictured above. It provides a closer fit when compared to designs that just use buckles or velcro on their own.

So, the Adventure GTX is an excellent adventure boot and one I’d happily take on tour, but there’s no getting away from the fact you pay for that quality. In fact, they’re one of the most expensive boots on the market right now, coming in at £450 for a pair, but it’s a price I’d be willing to pay for the combination of comfort, protection, and good looks they offer.

The Klim Adventure GTX boots really do offer just about everything you could want when heading out on a rugged adventure on two wheels.

Find out more on the American brand’s website today.