Author: Rob Slade

Watch: People are modifying dirt bikes for the snow and it looks like brilliant fun

Snow biking video

Although spring is well and truly on its way, the British weather always likes to throw a few surprises into the mix, as it did last week with the absurd appearance of some snow.

Across the pond, however, the weather is slightly more predictable and rather than a little flutter of snow here and there, they get the stuff in proper quantities. This means they get to do some pretty awesome stuff such as snowbiking.

Make some modifications to your dirt bike and you are left with a machine that can take on the most gnarly, snowy terrain you’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video. Captured through a combination of POV action cameras and aerial photography from a helicopter, you get a brilliant, close-up look at what these machines can actually do – all with the stunning Whistler backcountry in the background. Not bad…