Author: Naomi Dunbar

Watch: Incredible video shows the beauty of riding the White Rim Road, Utah

Sometimes, when we can’t get on the bike (for whatever reason) it’s nice to have access to things like YouTube to get our adventure fix by living life through the eyes of somebody else. By all means, it’s not a stitch on experiencing it for yourself, but it keeps you nicely ticking over until you can ride off into the sunset in real life.

That’s how I stumbled across this video which made my eyes bulge out of my head and my jaw drop onto my desk. It’s a 10 minute video which showcases just how staggeringly beautiful the scenery of the White Rim Road in Canyonlands, Utah is.

It’s shot by Liwia and Sebastian, a couple originally from Poland who packed up their life and spent their days travelling the world on their BMW F 650 GS Dakar, two up, as motorcycle journalists. Not a bad life, eh? The footage, which is brilliantly shot from many angles and point of views, takes us with them on their extraordinary journey in this magical place.

This video features some lovely backing music, landscape shots that’ll make the little hairs prickle up on the back of your neck, and showcases just how alluring the off-road terrain is in Utah. Camping as they go, we follow their route along this 100-mile road of thrilling passes, rugged tracks, epic heights and sandy canyon roads. This is 10 minutes of soul-stirring adventure which will have that throttle hand of yours raring to go.

So, enough of me rambling on about it, I’m sure you’ll like to take a look at this awesome video for yourself…

Watch White Rim Road, Canyonlands, Utah video

Be sure to check out Liwia and Sebastian’s YouTube channel, Instagram page and website to see more of their incredible adventures around the world.