Author: Rob Slade

Watch: Stunning footage of the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Here in Britain our green laning is limited to a select number of legal trails. Take a trip across the pond however and you’ll be blessed with a world of opportunity.

Some of America’s best dual sport riding comes in the form of Backcountry Discovery Routes and there are a handful that are currently on offer with others being developed as we speak.

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Among the routes is the Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route (IDBDR), the fifth route developed by the Backcountry Discovery Routes organisation which covers 1,250 miles of predominantly unpaved track.

It begins in the old western town of Jarbridge, Nevada and passes through the west side of the Idaho Rocky Mountains en route to the Canadian Border at the Idaho Panhandle.

Along the way, riders will have the joy of riding various stunning and historic roads including the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway. The route, which is ideal for all dual sport lovers, also passes through a handful of small mountain towns.

Those taking on the route will be blessed with a plethora of tracks passing through pristine woodland, up mountain passes and alongside glorious lakes. Some of the views are just unbelievable.

Watch the short video below to catch a glimpse of some of the brilliant riding on offer.

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