Author: Rob Slade

Ride this road: Grasshill Causeway

Grasshill Causeway

Located in the heart of the Pennines, Grasshill Causeway is the highest legal through-road in the UK. While the route is tarmacked in places, for the most part it is a rough and rocky, yet fairly easy green lane, which affords gorgeous views of the surrounding hills.

The route starts in the village of Ireshopeburn and takes you in a southerly direction to the Teesdale Valley. At the high point of the route you will be rewarded with brilliant panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. It’s also big adventure bike friendly if you’re a fairly competent ride and the weather is good.

Grasshill Causeway details

Location: The Pennines

Start and finishs points: Ireshopeburn; Harwood (B6277)

Length: 5 miles

Elevation: 674m

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