Author: Rob Slade

Watch: Motorcyclists flirt with death as they ride insane clifftop trail

Enduro video

There’s no shortage of videos on YouTube showing footage of motorcyclists tackling gnarly off-road terrain, but every now and then we tend to stumble upon something that literally takes our breath away.

This happens to be one of those times. The video in question follows three amateur enduro riders who end up taking a wrong turn and get stuck riding along the edge of a stupendously steep cliff.

With limited room to play with, the riders have no space to turn around and are left with no choice but to continue forward.

Not only is the narrow track just inches away from an enormous drop-off, but to make matters worse, the ground underfoot appears to be loose and unstable.

Throughout the entire video things seem pretty touch and go, but at 1:07 there’s a particularly hairy moment that had us holding our seats in a vice-like grip.

Enduro video

It’s only at the end of the video, after a two-tiered hill climb, that we started to relax.

The video is titled ‘The Enduro Clips I Hide From My Wife’, and judging by some of the footage we can certainly understand why someone wouldn’t want to show this to their other half.

Just one small mistake and these motorcyclists could have met a very messy and untimely end. Kudos to them.