Author: Rob Slade

Video of the week: Riding the world’s most dangerous road

Is this the most dangerous ride in the world like the video claims? Maybe, maybe not. But there is no debating that it is up there with the craziest of trails. One mistake on this insane Himalayan track and you’re tumbling down a monstrous cliff to certain death.

To call this route a road would almost certainly be optimistic as tarmac is pretty much non-existent on this track with dirt, gravel and loose rocks the substitute. To make it worse there are sections that are constantly hammered by waterfalls that run across it, making it a truly challenging and nerve-racking experience.

Still, that’s no reason to avoid taking it on, which is exactly what Adam Riemann does in this video below. The road featured in this video is the same as was traversed in a previous video of the week that you can see here and it shows the full trip through the Himalayas.

Anyway, watch the video below and then let us know if you would take on this road or if there are more dangerous tracks out there by heading to Facebook and Twitter.

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