Author: Rob Slade

Video of the week: Around the World with Austin Vince

“When you get up in the morning you’ve only gotta’ worry about three things. One, we need petrol, where are we gonna’ get it. Two, we need some food, where are we gonna’ get it. Three, we need beer, where are we gonna get it. And that’s all you have to worry about all day every day until something goes wrong, and that’s when the fun starts.”

Those are the words of Gerald Vince who, along with brother Austin Vince and seven of their mates, departed on a motorcycle journey on one of the longest routes around the world in 1995. They covered 40,000 miles, 44 countries and did it completely unsupported. They called it Mondo Enduro.

It’s that adventure which is featuring as our video of the week. The video shows Austin and brother Gerald discuss that trip and how easy it is to have one of your own. It features original clips from Mondo Enduro and shows what’s it’s like to be on the road having a ruddy good adventure. Enjoy!

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