Author: Naomi Dunbar

Watch: A staggering round the world motorcycle journey

round the world motorcycle trip video

I think it’s something we’d all like to do – one day. To embark on the most epic motorcycle journey of a lifetime, as you overland across the globe on your trusted bike. But it’s that very ‘one day’ that seems to never come around. However, it’s when you come across videos like this, of bikers who have plucked up the courage, sold most of what they own, given the boss their notice and ditched life as they know it, which really makes you think – could I?

When I came across this video by Ça Coule de Source I felt truly inspired, so I wanted to share it with you fine adventure bike riding folks. Yvan and Jan are a team of two who have been friends, quite literally, since they were babies. Their fathers worked together as helicopter pilots and their mothers became friends. As by happy coincidence (or perhaps friends’ secret as the two like to joke) the boys were born just nine days apart and have been friends ever since.

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After a 26-year-old lifetime of friendship, growing up and previous travels, Yvan and Jan set off nearly a year ago on their two old school Triumph Scramblers and haven’t looked back since. The pair have ridden side-by-side through 17 countries and have travelled more than 21,000 miles on their two wheels, documenting their life and experiences as they go.

When speaking to the lads about their trip so far, they said “to pick our favourite country it’s hard to say, but we absolutely loved Peru, Bolivia and Namibia,”. Of course, nothing is plain sailing on an epic motorcycle expedition of this proportion, Yvan fell off his bike in Peru and tore a ligament on his left foot. “Riding just before Lima City was horrible, it was really, really dangerous. I was scared,”.

Though nothing could deter the two men from continuing their trip of a lifetime and when speaking to them just a few weeks ago, they were particularly looking forward to riding out to see a herd of wild horses close to the coast of Namibia in southern Africa, with Yvan’s family coming out to visit them in the forthcoming days.

So, below you can watch Yvan and Jan’s incredible video of their awesome round the world journey so far. You can also follow their adventure by liking their Facebook page, Instagram page or by heading over to the pair’s website.

An around the world trip from Ça Coule de Source on Vimeo. You can check out more inspirational short films on the video section of our website.