Author: Rob Slade

Watch: Crazy Colombian railway bridge crossing

If you’re on this website it’s probably safe to assume you are into adventure bike riding. Whether that means you’re jumping on your GS for a weekend trip around the UK or taking your Ténéré to Morocco for some off-road riding it doesn’t matter, you’ve got the bug to get out there.

Now, we all love to dream of those epic trips around the world or travelling overland to Cape Town. It’s the idea of an ‘adventure’ that tends to get our heart racing. Well, that’s exactly what these friends in Colombia have found themselves on. A dangerous, ridiculous, stupid, mind-boggling (I could go on) adventure.

So what are they doing? They’re flirting with death in one of the most ballsy ways possible ‒ by crossing a knackered old railway bridge with a huge drop below. Credit to them for giving it a go, especially when the bridge gets reduced to just a steel beam and it gets particularly hairy. Check out the video below and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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