Author: Bryn Davies

Watch: An epic tour of Central and South America in under 2 minutes

We all love to ride, and we all love adventure bikes, but for most of us it’s hard to find the time to get out into the wilderness and see the world. Work, family and finances all do their best to keep us at home, so it’s exhilarating to see videos of those who are out there and doing it.

And if there’s anyone who knows how to put together a video that makes you want to get out and ride, it’s Tolga Basol. This guy’s been riding around the world for two years now, covering just shy of 26,000 miles on his KTM 1190 Adventure R, and throughout his journey he has been putting together some pretty awesome clips. This one gives us a quick run down of touring through Central and South America, showcasing the incredible scenery, the exciting roads and the many river crossings that Tolga had to battle with.

The description on the YouTube video says: “I have been spending time in Santiago-Chile for bike maintenance and some other stuff before I head to Patagonia. While waiting, I decided to make a new video from the B-Rolls that I have not used before. The video is from Central and South America with more intercom cam footage. Please watch in HD, thank you!”

Well, if this is make entirely of B-Roll footage, I’m looking forward to sitting back with a drink and watching Tolga’s best quality content. Check out his site for updates on where he is and for more of his inspiring images and videos.