Author: Matthew Forde

KTM set in motion new airbag jacket

KTM has revealed two new jackets that claim to be the only clothing on the market that operates an airbag without any sensors installed on your motorcycle.

Named the Managua GTX Tech-Air and Durban GTX Tech-Air, the clothing promises all-year protection, no cables and removable padding to suit rider preference. Partnering with Alpinestars, KTM is known for creating innovative designs throughout the years, with the firm’s latest range of safety airbag jackets being the latest in a long line.

Apart from claiming to be the only clothing on the market that operates an airbag without any sensors installed, the street-legal wear also arrives with an abundance of features including: reflective detailing, waterproof protection, and an impressive 25 millisecond activation for airbag deployment. Both jackets are designed to “handle anything the world can throw at you”, as KTM continues to tackle motorcycle safety.

According to KTM, the road-focused Managua GTX Tech-Air jacket’s outer material is fully laminated with Gore-Tex, whilst being padded with a removable thermal lining. ABR previously wrote about why laminated motorcycle jackets are the best for standing up the British weather, so it’s always refreshing to see more options on the market.

The Durban GTX Tech-Air, which is set up for both on-road and light off-road, features a removable Gore-Tex membrane with micro-fleece lining. Each jacket utilises an ‘innovative’ ventilation system, with KTM claiming that this technology will allow for perfect comfort – even while under the most extreme conditions.

The products are made with reflective details and are reinforced by CE-approved shoulders and elbow armour. Zippered air intakes and exhausts seals are utilised to help keep out Mother Nature at her worst, while there is also enough storage space to fit a two-litre hydration system, helping to make sure no rider is caught short.

You can watch the company’s introductory video to the new Managua GTX Tech-Aim and Durban GTX Tech-Air below:

We’ve reached out to KTM for comment on the pricing structure and release date. As soon as we know, we will update this piece accordingly.

What are your thoughts on the jackets and airbag technology? Are they innovative, or merely another gimmick?