Author: Rob Slade

Video of the week: Riding India’s treacherous mountain roads

A motorcyclist from India has taken on one of the most dangerous roads in the world and captured it all in glorious high definition. The road goes from Killar in Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh to Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir and this particular stretch is known to be one of the most dangerous and treacherous roads in India.

As breathtaking as it is scary, the road is carved into the side of a cliff with nothing to stop you from going over the edge apart from your own intuition. At various points there are also waterfalls that cascade across the track turning it into more of a river than anything else. As far as the road (if you can call it that) is concerned, it’s almost non-existent and consists dirt and rubble.

With the risk of rockfall an ever-present and the prospect of facing oncoming traffic a frightening one, this is certainly not a road to be taken lightly. Charanpreet Singh took it on, would you? Check out the absurd video below and then let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.