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Author: Naomi Dunbar

If you’re anything like us, then your bucket list is probably growing longer by the day and at an alarmingly faster rate than your bank balance. So I’m sorry to break it to you (well, not that sorry), but it’s just about to get a heck of a lot longer. Here at ABR, we’ve teamed up with boutique adventure riding company, Tamarbikes to bring you five adventure motorcycling destinations that are so incredible, you’ll want to slap ’em straight onto your biker bucket list.

If awe-inspiring views and stunning mountain scenery sounds like your cup of tea, along with discovering amazing ancient cultures, tasting local delicacies and seeing spectacular wildlife, then these five cracking destinations are sure to tickle your fancy.


Patagonia Motorcycle RoutePhoto: Martín Benitez

Patagonia is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, stuffed full of glorious snow-capped mountains, majestic glaciers, turquoise lakes and historic national parks, that are just begging to be explored by your two-wheels. Cruise along wide open roads that curve and stretch for miles and you’ll not only witness spectacular scenery, but you could catch a glimpse of eagles, pampas deer and other species of wildlife. If you’re up for epic adventures, then you’ll also want to head for the trails where you can explore rugged and wild stretches of wilderness.

If that all makes you think “phwoar, yes please”, then you’ll be pleased to know that Tamarbikes offer an incredible motorbike tour that takes you on a journey through the heart and soul of Patagonia, including Tierra del Fuego. To read more about the tour click here.

South Africa

South Africa motorcycle routePhoto: Fyre Mael

South West Africa is full to the brim with adventure. Ancient cultures and endless open plains, iconic landmarks (such as Victoria Falls, Table mountain, and Okavango delta) and stunning natural beauty are all begging to be explored. From elephant herds in Chobe National Park to the dunes of the Namib Desert, every corner will reveal a new and wonderful sight to behold. Not only is South West Africa a feast for the eyes, but you’ll also find that the local cuisine is some seriously tasty grub!

Saddle up with Tamarbikes for an epic 14-day African expedition. Their route will take you on a journey across four countries, starting from Victoria Falls and ending in Cape Town. Click here, to find out more about the trip.


Israel motorcycle routePhoto: Tamarbikes

With expansive roads that weave you through staggering landscapes and fascinating cities to explore, Israel is a truly astonishing ride for bikers. Journey through vast forested mountains, past golden beaches and the beautiful dead sea, the lowest point on earth, as you set off for the desert’s thrilling winding trails. Head to the holy cities of Jerusalem or Tiberias, and you’ll find glorious skylines that stretch as far as the beady eye can see and you’ll discover heaps of rich historical beauty entwined within them. Israel gives riders the opportunity to soak in meaningful scenery that connects to the soul, meet warm and welcoming people, and experience vibrant cultures – all of which makes for one exceptional trip.

I don’t know about you, but all of that makes my two-wheels twitch with excitement. So, if you fancy taking a trip, Tamarbikes offer a unique eight-day tour through the holy land of Israel, and you can find out about it here.

The Himalayas

Himalayas motorcycle routePhoto: Sandeepachetan

The Himalayan mountains, also known as the ‘roof of the world’, stretch magnificently between India and China. These impressive mountains offer some of the most jaw-dropping and stunning scenery in the world and are also home to some of the most ancient and preserved cultures. Motorcycling these mighty mountain passes and tackling the rugged terrain is one heck of a ride that you’ll never forget.

Tamarbikes offer an incredible 13-day Himalayan adventure riding tour. This tour focuses on Spiti Valley, which has an average height of 3,810m above sea level. This beautiful region offers bikers nothing but clear blue skies, magically snow-capped mountains, and sparkling turquoise waters.


Morocco motorcycle route

A north African delight, with fantastic off-road trails and vast sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert to explore, Morocco is an awesomely cultural and scenic experience. Journey through the epic Atlas mountains and feast on the exhilarating twists and turns of the world-famous Tizi n’ Tichka pass and the Dades Canyon. Discover the idyllic and stunning hidden oasis of Fint, experience unique tribal encounters and animal sightings. In fact, there is so much beauty to be explored, that you’ll find it hard to stuff it all into one trip.

If you fancy a bit of that, along with nights camping in the Sahara Desert, then the Morrocon 10-day tour with Tamarbikes could be the one for you. To read all about it click here.

Tamarbikes also have some new and exciting tours coming up for 2018, so keep your eyes peeled.