Author: Naomi Dunbar

6 inspiring adventure motorcycling videos you need to watch

Inspirational motorcycling videos

For those of us who don’t ride in winter, waiting for these long, dark and cold months to pass can seem like an absolute eternity. You spend nights dreaming about riding and days staring longingly at your bike for an obscene amount of time in the garage, and it gets to around this point in the season where we all start to lose hope of summer ever coming back.

Well, don’t fear my friends. Spring is almost upon us, so now is the time to get all inspired for another year of epic trips and awesome ride outs. To help keep the inspiration alive and to get that throttle hand twitching in anticipation, we’ve found six adventure motorcycling videos that you need to give a watch.

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1. Peru: In search of Starbucks

Tolga of Ride Must Go On is pretty talented when it comes to filming his motorbike adventures, and every time I watch one of his videos it pumps my veins full of adrenaline. I particularly love this video he took while riding in Peru and the comical title gave me a good little chuckle. From rugged off-roading to spectacular mountains, you need to give this adventurous video a watch.

2. Bolivia: Andes to Amazon

This video was everything I wanted and more, and has seriously shoved Bolivia to the top of my biker bucket list. A cracking backing track, exciting and fast-paced shots, stunning scenery and fantastic riding is all captured beautifully in this well shot bit of footage, and it looks like it really captures the heart and soul of riding in Bolivia. I’m sold.

3. Trans Iceland

Well, if Iceland wasn’t on your list of ‘must rides’, it is now. This video shows just how awesome a trip to the country on two wheels is, from start to finish, and features some great off-road riding for you to get your teeth stuck into. Not only this, but the geysers, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers that are captured look seriously mind-blowing.

4. An Alpine motorcycling adventure

To me, nothing says summer more than riding in the Alps, and if you haven’t ridden there yet then this video will show you exactly what you’re missing out on. Luxuriously curvaceous mountain passes, staggering forested areas, glorious snow-kissed peaks and roads that snake through gorgeous valleys, I dare you not to drool at this video.

5. High Atlas Mountains motorcycle adventure

The High Atlas Mountains are on the list for many bikers, but if you’re not sure that it’s for you, then you need to check out this video shot by two blokes who took an incredible motorcycle trip there. Rugged off-road terrain, vast deserts, awe-inspiring scenery, friendly locals and staggering mountains, this trip seems to have ticked all the boxes.

6. Off road people: The Dyatlov Pass

A group of bikers set off on a journey to the Dyatlov Pass in Russia. There’s awesome riding, wild camping, umm… naked swimming, mechanical mishaps and gorgeous scenery, and it’s all mixed in with a dose of good humour. The video also takes no prisoners when it comes to showing the true struggles in motorcycle overlanding, with many a fall, scrape and a ‘stuck in the mud’ situation. An all-round good watch.