Watch: Triumph Tiger Explorer takes on one of the UK’s most challenging motocross tracks

Martin Craven rides Triumph Tiger Explorer XCa challenging motocross track

Martin Craven, a former British trials champion, has just ridden a Triumph Tiger Explorer XCa on one of the most challenging sand-based motocross tracks in the UK and made it look so easy, that the hefty bike we all know and love looked like a natural off-road riding machine – crazy skills!

Craven is a top 2% finisher amongst 1,500 riders at the notoriously demanding Erzberg Rodeo, so he was the perfect choice to throw the Explorer around the FatCat Motoparc MX track, in Doncaster. He tested the bike on three types of terrain; on the asphalt (where it feels most at home), on an off-road woodland track and then finally, the challenging sand-track, pushing the Tiger Explorer through its paces (with his s*** hot riding skills) to see what it’s really made of.

As you can imagine, being ridden by this absolute off-road pro, even this gnarly 1215cc three-cylinder beast looked at home being thrashed around off-road terrain. In fact, this video has given us some serious biker skill envy because I tell you now, if I tried to do that, I’d end up eating the sand. The video reminds us of the time that Chris Birch showed us exactly how a big adventure bike should be ridden off-road, by throwing a KTM 1190 Adventure R around on a forest trail full of ruts, knee-deep mud and expansive water crossings – what a hero!

Also, if you haven’t heard – Triumph is offering a few nice autumn motorcycle deals at the moment, which will run up until the end of December. One of the deals being, if you purchase any new Tiger Explorer, Triumph will give you a £1,200 personalisation contribution towards the bike. You can spend the contribution on Triumph clothing and accessories or use it towards Triumph’s branded insurance and low-rate finance packages.

So, before I end up waffling on any more, here’s the video of Martin Craven throwing the Tiger Explorer XCa around those off-road tracks in Doncaster. Enjoy!