2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 adventure bike revealed

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200

Triumph has revealed a series of updates to its flagship adventure bike, the Tiger 1200, with the aim of making it a more capable and comfortable long-distance touring machine.

It’s only been two years since the big Tiger underwent a complete overhaul, so for 2024 the British manufacturer has focused on introducing refinements, rather than introducing any radical changes.

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And that can only be a good thing, because Triumph nailed it when it overhauled the Tiger 1200 in 2022, creating a stylish and supremely capable adventure tourer.

So, what’s new for 2024, and if you already have a Tiger 1200, is it worth thinking about upgrading to this year’s model?

Engine updates

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
The Tiger 1200 engine is smoother for 2024.

First up, let’s take a look at the engine. The 2024 bike retains its 1,160cc triple engine that makes an impressive 148bhp at 9,000rpm, and 130Nm of torque at 7,000rpm.

Triumph has also stuck to its T-plane crank design, which it says provides the torquey characteristics and vibrations of a twin cylinder engine lower in the rev range, and the joy of riding a triple as you wind up the throttle.

While this approach certainly has its benefits when chugging up a steep incline, it’s such a shame that the new generation of Tigers miss out on the silky-smooth power delivery of Triumph’s old-style triples that became such a defining and joyous character trait.

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
A new seat has been designed to offer greater long distance comfort.

Perhaps the British manufacturer has been listening because for 2024 it has made a series of changes aimed at making riding a Tiger 1200 a ‘smoother’ experience.

Changes to the engine’s crankshaft, alternator rotor, and balancer have been introduced to provide a smoother power delivery at low speeds, whether you’re pulling away from traffic lights or paddling around a hotel car park on tour. And Triumph also says the bike’s engine braking will feel smoother too.

A redesigned clutch and lever will make shifting into first gear a smoother (there’s that word again) experience, and the dampened handlebars and risers found on last year’s off-road focused Tiger 1200 Explorer models have now been rolled out across the range to provide a… you guessed it, smoother ride.

Ride height and comfort

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
Active Preload Reduction lowers the bike when you come to a stop.

Along with those changes to the engine and clutch, Triumph has equipped the 2024 Tiger 1200 with its Active Preload Reduction feature. First announced last summer, the system lowers the bike’s rear suspension as the Tiger slows to a stop, reducing the seat by 20mm.

So that’s 830mm for the lowest possible seat setting on the Tiger 1200 GT Pro model, and 855mm on the off-road focused Rally Pro, making it easier for shorter riders to get their feet on the floor.

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
Footpegs have been raised to offer more cornering ground clearance.

It’s a nifty feature pioneered by Harley-Davidson on the Pan America which is now being adopted widely across the biking world, making adventure motorcycles more accessible than ever, which can only be a good thing.

The Tiger 1200’s seat has been redesigned with a flatter profile providing more space for the rider, and the footpegs have been moved higher and closer to the bike to increase cornering ground clearance, so you’re in luck if you like to get your knee down on those Alpine mountain passes.

More of the good stuff

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
The Tiger 1200 is a superb adventure touring machine.

Apart from a selection of new colours to choose from (Carnival Red and Matt Sandstorm), the rest of the Tiger 1200 models remain the same as last year. And this is no bad thing, because Triumph’s big adventure bike is a fantastic machine that has had more than a few GS owners casting admiring glances in its direction.

After all, it’s a shaft driven, powerful, and comfortable adventure bike that is perfect for long-distance adventures whether you’re riding solo or loaded with a pillion and luggage. And with prices starting at £17,295 for the entry level GT Pro model, it’s competitively priced too.

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
The bike features one of the most attractive TFT displays around.

This is especially when you consider the raft of features Tiger 1200s come with as standard, including: heated grips, heated rider and pillion seats (Explorer models only), a quickshifter, centre stand, hand guards, cruise control, hill hold control, keyless ignition, cornering lights, and one of the best TFT displays available on any motorcycle.

And perhaps best of all, Triumph offers both the road and off-road focused versions of the Tiger 1200 as Explorer models, which means they come equipped with a 30l fuel tank for long distance touring.

Is it worth upgrading?

2024 Triumph Tiger 1200
A striking Carnival Red is a new colour option for 2024

Clearly, the 2024 updates to the Tiger 1200 range represent an evolution of the bike rather than any revolutionary change, and if I had a 2023 machine nestled in my garage, I wouldn’t feel I was missing out too much. And it’s a shame that on a premium machine designed to travel long distances in comfort, Triumph still isn’t offering radar adaptive cruise control that automatically speeds up and slows down depending on the traffic around you.

But by making the engine smoother and more refined, by introducing the Active Preload Reduction to lower the bike’s seat height, and by moving the footpegs and making the seat more comfortable, it feels like Triumph as listened to the feedback of Tiger 1200 owners to enhance what was already an excellent motorcycle. It’s certainly worth a test ride.

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