Triumph updates Tiger 900 range for 2024

The Tiger 900 joined Triumph’s line-up back in 2020, and has become a popular choice of mid-sized adventure bike and a best-seller for Triumph.

However, the competition moves quickly, and with rivals releasing new or updated models of their own mid-sized bikes, Triumph has decided to do the same.

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The extensive range of models has been trimmed, more power has been added, and there’s new electronic and hardware features to improve the riding experience.

This is everything that’s new on the 2024 Triumph Tiger 900.

Smaller, more focused range

Previously, the Tiger 900 has consisted of five models: GT, GT Low, GT Pro, Rally, and Rally Pro, not counting the two special Aragón editions.

For 2024, there will only be three options: the £12,195 GT version, the £13,895 GT Pro, and the £14,495 Rally Pro.

That means no more standard Tiger 900 Rally, nor the dedicated GT Low with its suspension and seat set up for a low ride height. However, low seat options will continue to be available as accessories, which can see the GT models have a seat height as low as 800mm.

More power, more economy

The biggest change for the Tiger 900 in 2024 is the tweaks to the engine, which have resulted in a 13% increase in power. In numbers, this takes the 900 up from a peak of 93.9bhp at 8,750rpm to 106.5bhp at 9,500rpm.

Triumph says that this has been achieved ‘while gaining more torque and tractability at low RPM’, and the peak torque has increased from 87Nm to 90Nm, which is also produced earlier than before.

The increase power has not come at the expense of fuel consumption. On the contrary, Triumph claims a welcome 9% better fuel economy than the previous models.

New electronics

The Tiger 900 now gains a new 7″ TFT display that has a new menu system and interface graphics.

There’s also new electronic rider safety aids on all models, including ‘enhanced braking’, which assists to reduce stopping distance and increase control, as well as an emergency warning system that flashes the hazard lights when braking hard.

Triumph has also added ‘marker lights’ which improve the bike’s visibility in low-light conditions, and a new USB-C charger in the cockpit, with My Triumph Bluetooth connectivity as standard across every model.

Hardware changes

The rest of the bikes remain relatively the same, although the rider seat has been reshaped for added long-distance comfort, while the new damped handlebar mounting system presumably reduces vibrations and thus rider fatigue.

The handlebar has also been moved back by 15mm on the Rally Pro version, to improve control while standing up.

Pricing and availability

The 2024 Tiger 900 GT will start at £12,195, while the GT Pro will cost £13,895.

Meanwhile, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro will start at £14,495 in 2024.

The 2024 Tiger range is available to pre-order at the Triumph website now, with deliveries beginning in early 2024.