Author: Rob Slade

Watch: Around the world by motorbike in five amazing minutes

Motorbike round the world

While many of us may not have the time, money or balls to head off on a RTW motorcycle adventure of our own, there’s no reason we can’t appreciate the efforts of someone who has. Fortunately, we’ve stumbled across this amazing five minute video following riders as they travel extensively all over the world.

The route saw the riders cover 100,000km (62,000 miles) over 946 days as they visited 51 countries including a huge chunk of Russia, Australia and Europe.

During the journey they encountered every sort of weather conditions imaginable and faced a range of challenging terrain made even tougher by erratic drivers and wildlife. Across the 946 days there were many falls, incredible views and brilliant experiences with locals.

It may not be the most polished video production wise, but it certainly provides a glimpse into the life and the experiences of a RTW traveller including the varying challenges they face.

Check out the video below (we recommend stopping at the five-minute mark) and then let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.