Author: Naomi Dunbar

6 reasons why you need to go on an off-road motorcycle course

Sweet Lamb off-road motorcycle course

You might think you’re an amateur, you might think you’re the bee’s knees, but in most circumstances, we could probably all do with brushing up on or broadening our off-road skills. And what better way to do this than on an off-road motorcycle course, instructed by professionals who have real-world experience and really know what they’re talking about?

With the above in mind we teamed up with our friends at Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Bike Academy, a company who specialise in offering quality off-road motorcycle courses in Wales, to look at six reasons why you need to go on an off-road course.

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1. Better off-road skills can actually help your on-road riding

Sweet Lamb Adventure motorcycle course Wales

It’s true. Any skills, confidence and knowledge gained on an off-road motorcycle course, you’ll be able to directly transfer to your on-road riding. Whether it’s balance, stability, cornering, weight distribution, handling or simply banishing bad habits, learning how to ride off-road will certainly open your mind to other ways of riding and improve your two wheeled skills like you wouldn’t believe.

2. You’ll gain shed loads more confidence on your bike

off-road motorcycle course riding through water

Once you’ve cracked all things off-road, (most probably) come off a good few times, had a good laugh and discovered to what point you can push yourself and your bike, you’ll come away from an off-road motorcycle course experience with a totally new head for riding. Your confidence levels will naturally rise, because you’ll have a whole new load of knowledge and training under your helmet.

3. Riding techniques will use up less energy than before

learning new off-road motorcycle skills

You’ll learn how to do things correctly and precisely. Therefore, when you’re using these riding techniques in the real world, whether it’s on-road or off-road, you’ll be able to conserve your energy by not adding in unnecessary steps or movements. More energy means more time in the saddle – and you can’t argue with that.

4. You’ll learn new skills in a safe and controlled environment

off-road motorcycle course skills

Yes, you’ll probably fall off. Yes, you’ll come away bumped and bruised, but where better to give off-roading a go than in a controlled environment that is as safe as possible? No matter how black and blue you are, one thing is for sure. You’ll come away with a big grin on your face, awesome new skills and hey, probably a few new riding buddies too.

5. It’s not just for men

woman at off-road course

Just because you’re female, it doesn’t mean you can’t join in too. In fact, that’s quite the opposite. Many, many women across the country try off-road courses, are extremely welcomed by all and thoroughly enjoy the day. Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Bike Academy have many women who join their courses and recently, one woman has even gone on to qualify for the BMW GS Challenge and has ridden in South Africa.

6. You could end up entering competitions

off-road motorcycle competition

You might really surprise yourself and many riders have in the past. You could come out of an off-road motorcycle course only to find that you’re pretty sh*t hot at it and, with a bit of practice, you could find yourself at a level that is good enough for competition entry. Amateur or not, how cool would that be?

Fancy trying an off-road motorcycle course?

Sweet Lamb Adventure Bike Academy

If you’d love to take on the off-road trails, then you need to check out the courses offered by Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Bike Academy. The company has a whole wealth of experience and professional instructors on offer. Not only this, but the courses offered range from beginner and specialist one-to-one training, to trail riding weekends and technical training – so whatever your skill set, you’ll find the perfect off-road motorcycle course for you.

Head over to the Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Bike Academy website for more information and to browse the full range of off-road training courses.

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