Author: Naomi Dunbar

Watch: Scottish road safety campaign video has gripping message for bikers

Scottish road safety campaign video

Scotland. The roads, the scenery, the twists, the bends, the mountains, the highland coos, the bloomin’ haggis – Scotland is a motorcyclist’s sweet spot and you can’t deny that whatever the weather, it’s one heck of a soul-stirring ride. But, as with all roads as beautiful as this, we need to keep our full concentration on the riding and try not to let the surrounding enchanting scenery distract us, as the new Scottish road safety campaign video highlights.

Paired with the enjoyable notes of Largo al factotum, the video showcases a biker riding through the stunning coastal route that forms part of the Ardnamuchan Loop, which runs from Glenuig to Lochailort. If you haven’t ridden here, it’s highly recommended, boasting nothing but sweeping coastal views, sublime landscapes and some beautiful places that are perfect for rest stops.

Posted by Live Fast Die Old – Scottish Motorbiking on Facebook, the video also has little warnings that pop up at the point of any potential danger to the rider as he’s going, such as mud on the road, a works entrance and waiting for an appropriate time to overtake a car. Also, it comically points out where there is a seal in the sea, an awesome bend and exclaims ‘wheeee’ when the rider safely overtakes the car.

Though we thoroughly enjoyed the opera and the fantastic views of our beloved Scottish roads, it was the road safety campaign message that really gripped us here in the ABR office, which is why we wanted to share it with you guys. At the end of the video, the following message pops up over a shot of a staggering view: “Be aware on breathtaking roads. Don’t let them take your breath away for good.”

Scottish road safety campaign video

As usual, enough of my blabbering on about it. Take a look at the Scottish road safety campaign video, posted by Live Fast Die Old – Scottish Motorbiking, for yourself below.