Author: Billy Johnson

New Ténéré 700 versions for 2023 announced by Yamaha

Yamaha has announced two new variants to the Ténéré 700 lineup for 2023: the Extreme Edition and the Explore Edition. The new versions are designed to offer greater capabilities over the standard Ténéré depending on whether you’re looking for improved off-road performance or a more road touring oriented bike.

Before you get too excited, the new Ténérés were unveiled in France for the EU market, and there’s no word yet whether these bikes will be making their way across the channel or to North America.

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So, here’s all the details…

Ténéré 700 Extreme Edition


The Extreme Edition of the T7 is designed to boost the off-road capabilities of the standard model without all the bells and whistles of the World Raid edition.

Yamaha has taken the long-travel KYB suspension from the World Raid which is fully adjustable, bringing the travel to 230mm in the front and 220mm in the rear, a boost of 20mm in both over the standard.

Along with the extra suspension travel, the ground clearance has been heightened by 20mm as well, and with a one piece saddle with extra padding, the total seat height of the bike is now a lofty 910mm.

The T7 Extreme Edition also has a new tall front fender, non-slip titanium foot pegs which provide 35% more surface area to stand on, and an aluminium radiator guard and chain guide.

Ténéré 700 Explore Edition


Meanwhile, the Explore Edition is designed with on-road comfort in mind, bringing in road-oriented suspension and a lower seat height to make the bike more accessible and controllable.

To do this, Yamaha has fitted a revised KYB suspension in the front and rear offering 20mm less travel than the standard T7, bringing the total travel to 190mm/180mm front and rear.


This drops the seat height down to a manageable 860mm, and the spring rates have been adjusted for improved handling when the bike is loaded with luggage and pillion.

The Explore Edition is also equipped with a 50% larger screen for better wind protection while you’re cruising on motorways, and the quickshifter has been optimised for smoother acceleration.

It also comes ready with mounting brackets so you can equip Yamaha hard or soft panniers, although the cases themselves come at an extra cost.

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New T7 Availability and Pricing

There’s no word yet whether these new Ténérés will find themselves on UK or North American shores, as they’ve only been announced for some EU countries such as France, Germany, and Italy. But pricing in France for the Extreme Edition starts at €11,899 and the Explore Edition at €11,799, and they’re expected to start arriving in dealerships in April. Both editions will be available in Icon Blue and Tech Kamo.