Win a Harley-Davidson Pan America by taking one for a test ride

When Harley-Davidson released the Pan America back in 2021 after years of speculation, it marked another radical step for the iconic American company, having already released one of the first electric motorcycles a few years earlier.

As it turns out, any fears we had of a cumbersome, half-baked adventure bike were completely unfounded. The Harley-Davidson Pan America is a hugely impressive machine, and after enjoying riding one for a few months last year as part of the ABR long-termer garage, we can confidently say that, if you haven’t yet had the chance to ride one, you should do so very soon to discover how right Harley got it with its first adventure bike.

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In fact, if you book in for a test ride right now, you’ll have the chance to win your very own Pan America. That’s right, you could ride away with your very own Pan America. You can book a test ride and enter the competition here.

So, why do we think so highly of Harley’s first adventure bike?

The 1250 Revolution Max engine is a beast

The Pan America comes with a brand-new engine, and what a motor it is. Being a Harley, it’s a V-Twin, but it’s not like anything Milwaukee has produced before.

It rivals anything from the likes of BMW, Ducati, and KTM in terms of sophistication, and with 150bhp to draw upon at 9,000rpm and 127Nm of torque, you’ve got a motorcycle that’s powerful enough to thrill anyone with a heartbeat.

The Pan America’s handling is outstanding

At 245kg wet, the Pan America can hardly be described as petite, although it is on par with its key adventure bike rivals. But it’s the way that it handles its weight which makes it so impressive.

When ABR Founder Alun rode the Pan America on and off-road, he wrote that “the Pan America is capable of taking on terrain that 95% of purchasers are not. It’s also well balanced and equipped for those talented enough to go and explore.”

Not only is this due to the excellent geometry of the bike, but also the electronic suspension, which leads us to the next reason you need to test ride the Pan America.

The electronic suspension on the Pan America Special

The semi-active suspension will automatically adjust damping and preload depending on your riding mode, which keeps the handling taut and the ride comfortable no matter the conditions.

There’s also the option of Harley’s Adaptive Ride Height (ARH) system, which is a brilliant feature for shorter or less confident riders.

ARH automatically lowers the suspension as you come to a stop, making it possible to get your feet down regardless of your height. It also makes it much easier for your pillion to climb aboard, which reminds us…

It’s perfect for touring with a pillion

The Pan America is a brilliant two-up tourer, as ABR Editor James discovered when he spent time with the bike last year.

In fact, in his words it’s a ‘two-up riding pleasure’ that’s ‘spacious, comfortable, powerful, and handles the extra weight of a pillion and luggage superbly.’ If you’re looking for a bike to whisk you and your other half away to Europe for a month, we’d strongly suggest you take the Pan America for a test ride.

You’ve got a chance to win a brand-new Pan America for yourself

That’s right, if all the other reasons weren’t enough, if you take a Pan America for a test ride between now and 1 December 2023, you’ll have the chance to win a Harley-Davidson Pan America Special of your own, complete with optional extras such as wire-spoked wheels running tubeless tyres, and the excellent Adaptive Ride Height system.

Not only that, but you’ll also win a day at the Harley-Davidson Adventure Centre in Wales for you and a friend to brush up on your off-road skills.

To enter, simply head to the Harley-Davidson website or your local Harley dealership, submit the form, take a test ride, and you’ll have the chance to win one of the most badass adventure bikes around.

You can find the entry form along with the T&Cs by clicking here. Open to UK & Republic of Ireland residents only holding a full, unrestricted Category A motorcycle licence.