Author: James Oxley

Watch: A look ahead to the UK launch of the Harley-Davidson Pan America

With the UK press launch of the Harley-Davidson Pan America just a couple of weeks away, we decided to dedicate an entire episode of the ABR Garage, the video podcast from Adventure Bike Rider, to looking at what we can expect from the American manufacturer’s first adventure bike.

In particular, ABR Garage regulars James and Ollie discuss why Harley-Davidson decided to enter the competitive adventure bike market so late in the game, how the Pan America stacks up against the competition in terms of specs, and if the adaptive ride height technology, which lowers the bike as it comes to a stop, is a stroke of genius or a technological gimmick.

And, while we know some of you lucky folks in the USA have already been able to test the bike, we try and figure out what the Pan America will be like to ride, and whether it’ll be suitable for long-distance adventures in the UK, mainland Europe, and beyond.

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