Author: Rob Slade

New Ventura Bike Pack System launched for BMW S1000XR


Ventura has launched a new Bike Pack System they believe is the perfect match for BMW’s high-performance S1000XR.

The XR was recently reviewed in issue 29 of ABR and we’ve got to say, it was a pretty good experience when touring on tarmac. By combining a superbike engine with a dual-sport chassis and riding position, the XR is able to perform on twisty Alpine roads and is just as comfortable cruising along on the motorway.

Well, it’s that versatility that Ventura claims to deliver with the new Bike Pack System. It combines a sturdy rack-mounting system designed to hold the load safely and securely and a range of soft and semi-soft bags that are said to be lightweight, easy to handle off the bike and easily stowed away when not in use.

The company say that the pack’s unique ‘slide on, ride off’ fitment eliminates the need for straps and bungee cords. It has no lock and key system which Ventura says makes it quick and easy to detach and reattach at stop-offs.

Both the pack and rack can be removed from the machine leaving only the low-profile L-brackets behind. Interestingly, the mounting system attaches to existing points on the XR’s sub-frame which means there’s no drilling or cutting needed.

Packs are available in a variety of styles and sizes, from a 35-litre bag all the way up to 102 litres and are said to make no difference to the width of the bike.

A typical system for the BMW XR costs £327.00, including L-Brackets (£125), Pack Rack (£52) and a 47-litre Mistral I Pack (£150) as pictured. The system is also available for a range of different adventure bikes including all BMW GS models, Triumph Tigers and the KTM 1190 Adventure.

Head to the BMW ventura website  for a full fitment list, and to view the rack and pack options.