It’s here: BMW R 1300 GS Adventure revealed

Bigger, bolder, better? BMW has finally unveiled the R 1300 GS Adventure at the Motorrad Days festival, held this year in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

It was the Adventure version of the R 1150 GS that was broadcast into people’s living rooms in the Long Way Round, and for many, it’s the essential version of the big GS.

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So, when the standard R 1300 GS was revealed last year, we knew that it was only a matter of time until we saw an Adventure model, and it’s finally here.

As you’d expect, it’s filled with additions designed to elevate the bike into the ultimate round-the-world tourer.

This is what’s new.

Long-range ability

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure side profile

Some people were disappointed to see that the 1300 held one less litre of fuel than the outgoing 1250 GS.

If that was you, you’ll be relived to know that the new GS Adventure returns with a huge 30l fuel tank.

With BMW’s claimed MPG of 58.9 for the standard 1300, which on paper gives a whopping 388 mile range.

We’re not sure it’ll quite live up to that in the real world, especially with the new GSA weighing a hefty 169kg, but whatever the true range is, it will be more than enough to take you across Saharan plains without a refill.

Enhanced touring comfort

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure cockpit

The redesigned fuel tank and front fairings also offer a large amount of weather protection, as does the touring screen and wind deflectors.

There’s also BMW’s DSA (Dynamic Suspension Adjustment) included as standard, which provides semi-active suspension that electronically adjusts front and back damping and spring rate to give the optimum ride comfort and handling, regardless of load, conditions, or riding style.

Automated shift assistant

Automated shift assistant

The new GSA will also be available with the option of BMW’s brand-new Automated Shift Assistant, which allows riders to shift gears without the need of the clutch, either through manually selecting gears, or allowing the system to shift automatically.

We’re seeing an increasing amount of manufacturers introduce a similar system, and we’re interested to see how it performs on the big GS Adventure.

What else is different from the standard 1300 GS?

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Option 719 Karakorum

The 1300 GS Adventure will come with auxiliary lights and Enduro riding mode as standard, and of course, there’s plenty of accessories to choose from as well.

This includes an adaptive ride height system, heated seats (we think they should really be standard on the GSA…), dynamic headlight, centre stand, and many more.

There’s various levels of trim as well, with the standard red and silver version, the returning Triple Black and GS Trophy variants, and the top-shelf Option 719 Karakorum.

Price and availability

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure front

The standard R 1300 GS Adventure is priced at £18,870, £2,400 more than the standard R 1300 GS. Each level of trim increases the price, and the Automated Shift Assistant will also bump the price up to £21,300.

BMW has stated that it expects the R 1300 GS Adventure to launch late Q4, so we’re expecting to have our hands on one towards the end of the year.

Once we do, we’ll give the bike the full ABR verdict to let you know how it compares to the standard 1300 GS, and whether it’s worth the extra cash.

You’ll also be able to test ride the new GS Adventure at the ABR Festival 2025 – the UK’s best place to test all the latest motorcycles. Tickets will be on sale soon.

You can find out more on BMW’s website here.