Author: Rob Slade

8 incredible adventure motorcycling videos you need to watch

Adventure motorcycling Peru

If you’ve been following Adventure Bike Rider for a while, you’ll know that we love sharing inspiring photos, advice and stories from the road. The aim is to get as many people following their two-wheeled dreams as possible, and we’ve found that some of the best inspiration can be found in the form of videos.

So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a handful of our favourite adventure motorcycling videos that we’ve stumbled upon across the web in the past couple of years. Enjoy!

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1. Alaska to Argentina in 500 days

Watch adventure motorcyclist and YouTube extraordinaire Alex Chacón travel for 500 days all the way from Alaska to Argentina, facing up to everything Mother Nature has to offer. Expect river crossings across swollen rivers, vertigo-inducing mountain passes and plenty of adventure inspiration.

2. Riding to the top of the world

Follow photographer and filmmaker Dan Greening as he and a friend head off in search of the true highest road in the world. Riding a MW F650GS Dakar and a KTM 990 Adventure, the duo pass through some truly spectacular scenery and find that the much sought after Khardung La may not be the world’s highest motorable road afterall…

3. Crazy Colombian railway bridge crossing

You come across a rickety and dilapidated old bridge on a trail ride in Colombia, and what do you do? You ride across it of course! At least, that’s what these guys did. With a steep drop on either side and a bridge reduced to purely steel beams at times, these guys showed some serious cajones.

4. Man traverses deadly knife-edge ridge on motorbike

How much fun does this look? Watch as Chris McMahan traverses an extremely narrow, snowy ridge in Grand Junction, Colorado with vast drops on either side.

5. Riding the world’s most dangerous road

If you’re in the mood for watching some decent adventure videos then Adam Riemann’s YouTube channel is a pretty good place to start. In his video featured here, he takes on one of the “world’s most dangerous” roads. While you may dispute that, there’s no doubting that this is one crazy ride.

6. Sydney to London on a 105cc postie bike

On a Honda CT110 postie bike with little more than 105cc and a top speed of around 45mph, Nathan Millward took on a journey of mammoth proportions. He rode 23,000 miles from Sydney all the way back to London. Along the way he faced crowded cities, treacherous mountain passes and wild, open expanses.

7. An off-road motorbike adventure in Cambodia

Over a pint and a packet of pork scratchings, five ordinary blokes from London decided they would take on a 620-mile off-road ride across Cambodia. As well as having the adventure of a lifetime, the guys also raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, making the whole thing even more worthwhile. The video below takes a look at how they got on with this epic journey.

8. Incredible video shows exactly why you need to tour Peru

Brilliant videography, a decent soundtrack and endless shots of amazing scenery make this one of our favourite adventure motorcycling videos. The video comes from adventure motorcyclists Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle and follows their journey as they make their way through the varied and spectacular landscapes of Peru.

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