Author: Naomi Dunbar

These inappropriate road signs will instantly brighten your Monday

Findlay McLaren

The other day, I received a great image from one of our Facebook followers who sent in the above photo of his motorbike parked up next to a sign post that said ‘Lost’ while he was on his travels in Scotland. Having heard various rumours about many funny or rude signs, but not coming across any on my own travels, I headed over to Facebook to ask you guys to send us photos of the best road signs you’ve ever come across – they were absolutely brilliant.

So, I’ve decided to share the best ones with you in hope to add a little giggle and brighten up your Monday morning. Enjoy!

Photo: Karl Dawson

Photo: Hugh Diack

Photo: Adam Denham

Photo: Fred Wace

Photo: Tony Carr

Photo: Stuart Harrison

Photo: Jason Worsley

Photo: Dan Lenigan

Photo: Joe Smart

Photo: Lee Barron

Photo: Owen Lewis

Photo: Steve Whittley

Photo: Mark Payne

Photo: Nigel Edwards

Photo: Paul Markham

Photo: Tony Dennis

Photo: Steve Burbidge 

Photo: Rick Hersee

Photo: Fred Wace

Well there we are, I hope your Monday has now been blessed with some giggles. Some of these really did tickle me, so I’d love to know which ones are your favourites! Also, feel free to send in any others that you have seen while on your travels. Just pop them in the comments section below.