Author: Alun Davies

The birth of Adventure Bike Rider

To use on on-line euphemism, you never forget your first blog. Anyway, this is it, my first blog about setting up this site

My name is Alun Davies and 25 years ago I founded a magazine called Adventure Travel. In 2007 I sacked myself as editor to concentrate on developing the magazine’s web site, which you can check out by clicking the link in this paragraph.

So, why bikes? Well, since the age of 14, when I first plonked my backside on an unstable CZ 175 I’ve been hooked and there can’t have been six months since that day when I’ve been without a bike.

Why travel? That’s an easy one; first off it’s part of my day to day life and secondly it’s embedded in my soul.

Why Adventure Bike Rider? Mix the above two passions together and the answer is Adventure Bike Rider. It doesn’t matter if I’m touring the Alps, setting off across the Sahara, leaving the rat race for an around the world trip or simply heading off for a weekend in North Wales, the feeling of ‘adventure’ and ‘freedom’ from the system just makes me feel good. And that’s what this site is going to be about. It’s my passion and I want to make a place where like minded people can get the most out of what they like doing best. Adventure Bike Rider will be that place, I hope.