Author: Rob Slade

Bikers reveal their biggest motorcycling fears

It’s a fact of life. As a motorcyclist, you’re just much more vulnurable than other road users. The consequences of any altercation on the road for a biker are far more serious and as such, the stakes are higher.

With this in mind, we recently asked our Facebook followers what their biggest fears were when riding a motorcycle. As you can imagine, we received a huge range of responses so we thought we would post a selection here.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most common worries among those who responded was the threat of drivers on their mobile phones. This seems to be one of the leading issues that bikers are facing, as echoed in various surveys and campaigns.

Another worry that seemed to come up rather often was that of wildlife. Undoubtedly, this issue becomes more prevelant depending on where you live and from speaking to bikers in Australia, they seem to have it pretty bad when riding cross country over there.

But even on these shores, in the UK, we have to deal with stray pheasants, birds and most frighteningly, deer. It’s the latter which seems to cause bikers the most worry, as pointed out in various comments.

For others, their worries tended to revolve around drivers of other vehicles who don’t seem to pay attention, however, this wasn’t a view shared by Tom Longo:

Other very real worries faced by motorcyclists were also raised including spilled diesel or gravel patches on corners. On top of this, people were also particularly concerned by the prospect of significant mechanical failure when in the middle of nowhere. Understandable…

Of course, there were also plenty of not-so-serious suggestions that brought a laugh from the guys in the office…

Now, as relevant as all of the aforementioned issues truly are (bumping into Angelina Jolie is also often in the back of our minds…), there were several responses that we thought really summed up adventure motorcycling, and the entire bike community in fact. The fear of the need to stop riding…

So there we have it. A selection of responses from adventure motorcyclists talking of their biggest biking fears. What would yours be? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.