Author: Rob Slade

Petition to allow motorcycles to use bus lanes picks up pace

Motorcycles in bus lane

A petition has been started in an attempt to persuade government to make it legal for motorcycles to use bus lanes across the country.

As it stands, the decision over who can use bus lanes is made by respective councils meaning it is accepted in some areas, but not in others.

Similarly, it is understood that the ability to ride in a bus lane can vary from lane to lane and at times restrictions can even change in different parts of one lane. Only blue ‘bus lane’ signs with an image of a motorcycle on entitle motorcyclists to use bus lanes while all others remain off limits.

Currently motorcyclists have permanent access to bus lanes on the majority of London’s red routes as well as various other locations around the UK. Bristol and Plymouth have been touted as areas where this is also accepted, though we advise checking with the local authority beforehand or risk a hefty fine.

The petition’s description reads: “Motorcycles should be able to use bus lanes as it would be quicker for bikes to filter and a safer way to keep from the traffic as you know a lot of motorcycle accidents happen.

“They don’t take up much room so the buses and taxis can still use them, no more room than a push bike which you allow.”

If the petition reaches receives 10,000 signatures the government will respond whereas 100,000 signatures will see the petition considered for debate in Parliament. At the time of publishing the petition has 4,627 signatures.

The deadline for this petition is 30 March 2016 and you can sign it by clicking here. As ever, let us know what you think of the petition by heading to Facebook, Twitter or commenting below.

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