Author: Billy Johnson

The heated motorcycle visor that banishes fogging

The dreaded foggy visor is a problem that affects us all as riders at some point, and there’s never been an entirely effective solution. Until now.

The boffins over at VISIN have invented an ingenious solution: a heated visor insert that fits any model of helmet, any brand of visor, and clears away any amount of fog within seconds.

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Sure, you could use a Pinlock or anti-fog spray, but they’re never 100% effective, and there’s always a chance they’ll let you down when you need them.

VISIN says their heated insert is guaranteed to give you clear vision when you need it, and can handle the most demanding conditions that you’ll come across on your adventures.

Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind it and find out how VISIN came about.

Where it all began

We all know the frustration of that grey mist that clings to your visor, obscuring your view and potentially endangering you while you’re out on a ride.

Riding a motorbike already comes with enough risk, and the last thing we need is another element that will compromise our safety.

The folk over at VISIN know all about this, being avid adventure riders themselves. They also happen to be technological wizards, designing optical solutions for the most advanced industries in the world, such as aerospace, defence, medical hardware, and luxury cars.

Having tried all the commercial de-fogging options available, they found that nothing delivered to the standard they were looking for. So, they turned their attention to inventing their own solution.

How it works

The VISIN heated insert is a clear, conductive film that can be applied directly to any visor, regardless of make. It works by passing an electrical current through the film, instantly generating heat and clearing away mist in seconds.

It operates between -20C and 60C and it’s powered by a convenient rechargeable battery that can last eight hours on a single charge; more than enough for almost all of the rides that we go on.

The VISIN insert also features a boost mode that last for 40 seconds and increases the power 2.5 times, rapidly clearing away mist in even the most adverse weather conditions.

A test for the best

Having used their expertise in conductive optical coatings in the design process, and after manufacturing prototypes in their world-class facilities here in England, the next thing for the VISIN team was to go test it. If you haven’t already realised, the team take their jobs seriously.

So, they travelled to Africa where they rode over 6200 miles in all kinds of conditions.

From the very beginning of their trip they encountered 6C temperatures with heavy rain, and even on the walk from the hotel to their bikes, their helmets were already fogging up.

Switching on the heated insert for the first time in the field, their visors became totally clear as the device got to work.

At one point on their travels they came across a couple of fellow riders trying to pull out of a junction, but the rain was too heavy for them to see properly.

With the VISIN team having crystal clear vision, they informed the riders via intercom that it was safe to pull out. Even on the test run, the VISIN insert was already averting potentially dangerous situations.

To find out more information and get your hands on the VISIN heated visor, head over to the company’s website HERE.