Author: James Oxley

Exotogg lightweight inflatable body warmer

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one, and the Exotogg lightweight inflatable body warmer goes a long way to proving this.

At a time when you can buy heated vests, trousers, gloves and even socks powered by battery, UK company Exotogg has decided to utilise good old-fashioned air to help keep bikers warm.

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You see, air is a brilliant insulator of heat and trapping it close to your body is how products like down jackets and sleeping bags help you to stay toasty.


Exotogg lightweight design

The Exotogg inflatable bodywarmer takes this principal and packages it into a lightweight vest designed to be worn under a motorcycle jacket.

Just slip it on over your head, connect the adjustable Velcro side fasteners, and blow into the handily placed valve on your chest to inflate with a few short breaths.

Wearing it for the first time does feel a little unusual, but as soon as I started riding, I couldn’t feel I had it on which is testament to its comfort levels. Usefully, the puncture-resistant material won’t get waterlogged, so it will stay warm and light when wet.

It also lets moisture out without losing heat, so even if you are building up a sweat throwing your bike around the trails on a cold day, it will help you stay warm and comfortable.


Tested on a cold day

I took the Exotogg out for a spin on a cold winter’s day at the seaside and it did a great job of keeping me warm. I was also pleasantly surprised at how fast it heated up.

The Exotogg weighs just 260g and packs down to the size of a paperback book, making it a great piece of kit to stuff into a nook in a pannier or tank bag.

As well as wearing it on the bike, the Exotogg also makes for a decent pillow, trail seat, and even a sleeping pad. And conveniently, you’ll never have to worry about charging a battery. As long as you have breath in your body, it’ll keep you warm.

Adjustable on the move

Talking about breath, the Exotogg is adjustable on the move by inflating or deflating the vest using the chest valve. This makes it easy to adjust for comfort while in the saddle.

This usability is thanks to the fact the thermal inflatable vest was created by bikers who understood the need for a product to be simple and easy to operate while riding.

But as well as being suitable for motorcyclists, it can also be used by hikers, skiers, cavers, and anyone else venturing outdoors in colder temperatures.

You can find out more at the Exotogg website.