Author: Rob Slade

Givi reveals range of accessories for Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin Givi accessories

Italian accessories manufacturer Givi has revealed a range of products designed to improve the versatility and robustness of the Honda Africa Twin.

The range of accessories includes aluminium cases, tank bags, windshields and engine guards.

Givi luggage for the Africa Twin

In an effort to increase the carrying capacity of the Africa Twin, Givi has developed a range of panniers and cases. The Trekker Outback range consists of two aluminium side cases in 37-litre (£586) and 48-litre (£610) capacities.

The manufacturer provides alternatives in the form of the TRK Trekker cases which are made of reinforced techno-polymer with 46-litre side cases (£224) and a 52-litre rear case (£230). Additionally, the company also offers the 56-litre MAXIA4 top box (£248). Rounding out the luggage range is the company’s XS320 tank bag (£117).


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A series of products have also been developed in an effort to offer more protection against the elements and the environments that the rider will undoubtedly find him or herself in.

There are a range of windshields available to Africa Twin owners ranging from a low, sporty screen (£58.40) to a sliding one (£114) which has a maximum height of 63.5cm.

Givi engine guards for the Africa Twin

The Italian firm has also created various protection guards for the engine with prices ranging from £156 to £170, as well as a specific aluminium sump guard (£225.50).

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