Author: Naomi Dunbar

ABR weekend weather forecast: 18-19 November

weekend weather

We’ve reached excitement overload here at the ABR office, as we’ve finally reached that time of year we’ve been ever so patiently waiting for… Motorcycle Live 2017! We hope to see you there, and we’d love it if you pop over to say hello to us at our stand (2C35). So, excitement to one side, for those who will be out riding, let’s take a look at what the weekend weather has in store…

Today’s weather forecast

A very chilly and frosty start this morning, but some glorious sunshine is expected for the south today – great news if you’re out riding. It looks like central England is likely to have cloud cover for most of the day with some sunny intervals, and Scotland will likely have showers with sunny intervals for most of the day. Gales will start to blow across Scotland and the north today which will make temperatures feel pretty chilly.

Southern England will have clear skies tonight, the rest of the UK can expect cloud cover with some showers.

Saturday’s weather forecast

Saturday morning will be a cloudy start, but it will start to clear in the north and in southern Scotland around 9am. However, as we reach lunchtime the cloud cover will spread across most of the UK, with some sunny intervals expected for eastern Scotland.

Some sun will sneak back into the north-east on Saturday afternoon, but heavy rain is expected for the south. This rain will continue through Saturday evening, however, northern parts of England and Scotland should be pretty clear in most areas.

Sunday’s weather forecast

Sunday morning will be cloudy for western parts of the UK and sunny for the east. As we approach lunchtime, that cloud cover will start to spread over the rest of the UK leaving it overcast for the rest of the day. As we move into the evening, we can expect heavy rain to set into the west and as we roll into Saturday night, that rain will spread across the rest of the UK.

If you’d like to hear what the professionals have to say, here’s the MET Office’s weekend weather report (sorry, no ducks today)…